Sound, Noise & Politics

Alberto Duman

Middlesex University


Michael Gallagher

Manchester Metropolitan University


A Bartlett evening seminar that will consider ideas of sound and place and sonic affect.  Alberto is interested in the sound of a place, either essentialised into place-making narratives or otherwise interpreted as an emancipatory agent for those trying to truly find opportunities in informal music networks. In particular, how ‘genre’ can act as an institutionalized social practice through ‘gentrification’ (music industry reaping talent in East London and generally shaping music production) as an entrepreneurial mode of ‘gentrification’. His talk will focus on the recent Music for Masterplanning project.

Michael considers what happens when sound is understood as affect, defining sonic affect as the vibrational movement of bodies of all kinds, moving away from anthropocentric notions of sound based on human perception. The vibration of bodies can be understood as a ‘base layer’ of sound, which may activate or accrue layers of feeling, significance and meaning, but which is not reducible to them.