SOUND | MAKING | SPACE @ The Royal Academy of Arts

Dr. Gascia Ouzounian

Associate Professor of Music, Oxford University and Co-director of Recomposing the City


Mark Bain

American artist-researcher in vibrational mechanisms and experimental sound architecture

Lee Berwick

London-based sound artist who works with the physicality of sound, space, energy, intention and performance

Kaffe Matthews

Composer and Co-founder of Bicrophonics Research Institute, previous Edgard Varèse Guest Professor, TU Berlin


Sound physically responds to space. Sound waves interact with solid structures and pass through living bodies, defining the spatial parameters of our built environment, and revealing otherwise hidden dimensions of architecture through echo and reverberation. Equally, the ways that architecture is used to frame the human voice and urban rhythms, as well as music, influences the mood or temperament of the spaces we inhabit, and has shaped contemporary modes of listening.

The Bartlett School of Architecture in collaboration with The Royal Academy of Arts, brought together practitioners who engage with space through sound. Explored through presentations and performances from Gascia Ouzounian, Kaffe Matthews, Lee Berwick and Mark Bain.  Lee Berwick and Rob Olin’s Sound Mirrors were also installed in the Geological Society Library, and could be experienced by the audience throughout the evening.