18.01.18 | Photography and Sound: Urban Encounters

Diego Ferarri

London-based artist, photographer & researcher, Kingston University


Atau Tanaka

Professor of Media Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London


An evening of performance, talks and discussion on the topic of visual and sonic interventions, urban encounters, sensors and senses.

Diego will be discussing two photographic projects, which involve abandoning conventional modes of representation in photography in order to create new forms of visual perception. These photographs challenge the viewer’s perception of reality as much as the camera tested the photographer’s technical ability.

Atau’s talk, The Body as Musical Instrument, considers the human body as musical instrument.  It looks the use of physiological signals, notably the electromyogram, as a way to capture the gestural intention and effort of the performer.  Through this extended vision of musical instruments, we will consider how biosignals provide a virtual instrument, or perhaps even turn performer into instrument.