Raf Orlowski

Rambol Acoustics


Max Reinhardt

BBC3 Late Junction


Paul Bavister

Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL


The historical relationship between sound and space has produced a series of performative spaces, whose development can be considered to be a reciprocal and generative process, and combined successes or failures have led to the halls and venues we have today. Developments in both sound and space have, maybe until the mid-20th Century, benefited positively in this fertile relationship. Yet more music is being written for the formless void of headphone listening, and the car interior, with the illusion of spatial volume and materiality being applied at a whim, with electronic reverberation algorithms. If the two creative processes are seen to be divorced, can the creative development of either discipline continue as it had? Have we reached and passed a ‘peak’ in terms of a conjoined design relationship?

This seminar seeks re-align developments in musical composition with architectural acoustics; how can the reciprocal iterative relationship that once existed between music makers and space makers be reinstated?