21.03.19 | 30 Notes per Second

Thursday 21st March, 6.15 -8pm


Kevin Pollard

Film Score Composer


Gareth Evans

Moving Image Curator at Whitechapel Gallery


Chaired by Matei Mitrache


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30 Notes per Second is an invitation to explore the role of sound in the process of film production. In celebrating the inherent multisensorial character of films as an artistic medium we will start from the following ideas. At which point does the soundtrack enter the creative stream of filmmaking and how does it affect its overall direction? Can the sound effect generate the visual or the spatial rather than vice versa?

Technology today is bringing the digital realm ever so closer to our immediate tangible reality by means of VR and AR experiences. Approximately a century ago it was not the visual but the auditory sensor that was given the same focus, when the first headphones were brought into production. Recent history has proven that technological breakthroughs are rapidly integrated in our daily routine. So what new workflows and methodologies do they generate in film production?

Multidisciplinary par excellence, our two speakers will merge areas of architecture, curation, writing, and of course, sound and filmmaking to challenge such topics.

Kevin Pollard studied architecture at Newcastle University, worked for 10 years as an architectural and concept designer for international firms, and now works as a music composer for feature films and installations. He is interested in telling stories in innovative ways across different mediums and in crafting how they unfold. He has taught masters students at the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL and at Apple, and also worked as a session player for new and established artists.

Feature works include: Snow in Paradise, Mahout (Best Sound Design 2015 – Japan Wildlife Film Festival), Love Tomorrow, The Devil Outside, The Rise of the Krays and others.



Gareth Evans is a London-based writer, editor, film and event producer and Whitechapel Gallery’s Adjunct Moving Image Curator.  He is also co-curator of Porto’s Forum of the Future, Estuary, Flipside and First Light Festivals, Swedenborg Film Festival and Whitstable Biennale.  He conceived and co-curated the year-long Utopia 2016 at Somerset House and has curated numerous film and event seasons across the UK.

Gareth produced the essay film Patience (After Sebald) by Grant Gee and has executive-produced the feature-length works Erase and Forget (Andrea Luka Zimmerman); World Without End (Jem Cohen); Unseen (Dryden Goodwin); By Our Selves (Andrew Kotting) and In Time: an Archive Life (Lasse Johansson). He edited the international moving image magazine Vertigo from 2002 – 2009.