02.05.19 | Blindfold in VR

Thursday 2nd May, 6.30- 8pm

Bartlett School of Architecture

22 Gordon Street / Room 6.02


George Adamopoulos

Architect, Computaional Designer and 3D Artist


Vasilis Aronidis

Architect and PhD Candidate


Experimental Sound Workshop 

This participatory workshop will be run by architect, computational designer and 3D Artist George Adamopoulos and architect and PhD candidate Vasilis Aronidis, who are researching how audio as a notational medium can be applied as a method for spatial orientation.  For the purposes of the experiment, Adamopollous and Aronidis will use multiple sound sources and VR as a means of selective muting of the visual experience.  Undistracted by visual stimuli, but at the same time completely aware of their spatial presence and movements in VR, participants will then be asked to echolocate sound sources by gesturing with their body.  Following the experiment there will be a discussion with participants about how the explored notational system correlated with the user’s spatial perception of sound.

There are limited spaces for this event, registration is essential, please do so here:


George Adamopoulos is a London based Architect, Computational Designer and 3D Artist.  He currently works for Jason Bruges Studio, where he designs and programs large scale interactive and kinetic installations. Both in practice and academia, George explores connections between the fields of Virtual/Mixed Reality and Architecture, and the use of real-time computer graphics & computational geometry as building tools for such cross-disciplinary narratives.

George received his Diploma of Architecture and Engineering from NTU, Athens, in 2016, with his presentation of project KEMP, a digital toolkit for urban-scale participatory design. Before moving to London, he worked as a Computational Designer at Prof. Dimitris Papalexopoulos’ practice, Archsign, and as a teaching assistant for the course Digital Design of Materiality in NTUA.

He is currently a Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett, UCL, for the programme MArch Design for Performance and Interaction, and a member of the Bartlett’s Interactive Architecture Lab.  His works have appeared in institutions such as London’s Natural History Museum (Life In the Dark, 2018), the Barbican (Brutalist Tapestry, 2018) and the Onassis Cultural Centre (Acrophobia, ADHOCRACY 2015)

He is the author of the SuperMesh plugin for the algorithmic design platform Grasshopper.


Vasilis Aronidis is an architect, musician and current PhD candidate in Architectural History & Theory at the Bartlett School of Architecture.  His doctoral thesis focuses on the musical event conceived as synecdoche of interrelated sound and spatial parameters. His project examines the ways that compositional strategies used in early jazz music relate to the architecture of the performance spaces and investigate how the new musical genre which developed in Harlem during the 1920s-30s provoked urban regeneration. Before moving to London, he studied Architecture Engineering at NTU, Athens, and completed his MSc in Architecture there, in 2014.  Alongside his academic and professional work, Vasilis is a composer and songwriter. Many of his compositions have been published by Universal Music Ltd., The Sound of Everything Ltd. and TimeSpace Ltd.  He is currently working as an architect at Studio Mark Ruthven in London.