Syth Remix – London


Thursday 8th November 2018

20:00 – 23:00

93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London, UK


Using DJ sets and live performances to celebrate the pioneering women of electronic music, Synth Remix will present music by composers including Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram, Laurie Spiegel and Éliane Radigue.

Live performance will be by award winning musician Jo Thomas, with a headline audio-visual set by contemporary artist Olivia Louvel.


Ticket info here.




New Resonances: Acoustics and Memories


Saturday 13th October 2018

11:30am – 17:30

Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK


How is music shaped by the architectures & geographies it is made in? Join @cityastheatre for New Resonances: 3 days of discussion & performance hosted by @_TheWhitechapel from 11-13 October, opened by @dark_shark & @richardsennett http://theatrum-mundi.org/programme/. Part of @interfaces_EU




Call for Contributions | Crafting a Sonic Urbanism, Deadline 2nd July 2018


Thursday 26th September

09:00 – 17.00
MSH Paris Nord, 93210 Saint-Denis, France

Deadline for proposals: 2nd July 2018 Notification of acceptance: 23rd July 2018 Contact: info@theatrum-mundi.org


Attention is turning more and more to urban sound as a material to design with, as a form of conflict to be regulated, and as a medium carrying knowledge of the city. But going beyond the urban soundscape as an object, how could sonic thinking be built fundamentally into the making of cities?

A sonic urbanism implies one that does not just take interest in noise in the city, but is informed by the practices, concepts, politics, and aesthetics of making organised sound. As such, it implies one informed by music, not just as a cultural phenomenon taking place in the city but as a set of ways of thinking and ways of doing that operate in the realm of the audible.

Call for contributions

This colloquium invites both scholars and practitioners to present research, or works of sonic or spatial creation. We welcome presentations of projects that demonstrate how concerns for sound or techniques from music have been part of urban design and research, and vice versa, as well as theoretical papers making critical links.

Presentations can be 10 minutes long. They can focus on research, or on works of sonic or spatial creation shared in sound or video. We are able to accept only 12 presentations will be arranged into 3 panels of 4 according to links between the accepted proposals. Each panel will have 30 minutes for discussion, led by a chair, intended to explore links between the presentations and the light they shed on the core concerns of the colloquium, rather than as Q&A ’s.

Further guidelines for submission can be found here.


Sound Making Space in Blueprint Magazine 358

Call for Papers | AHRA 2018

Sound and the Smart City: Mapping Sound and Noise





KEYWORDS: Sound Mapping, Noise Mapping, Sound Art, Architecture, Recomposing the City

Efforts to define and quantify sound and noise have a long history across many fields, a history that dovetails with the refinement of architectural acoustics and noise control through the twentieth century. Yet the challenge of addressing sound and noise in urban and architectural space stubbornly persists. Concepts of the audible toggle between ‘unwanted’ noise as an objective measurable and ‘pleasant’ sound as a subjective qualification. Sound maps and noise maps invite the public, alongside practitioners of architecture, urban design, planning, acoustics and sound art, to provide new perspectives on these issues, in turn prompting further questions around the elimination of noise as an annoyance or the harnessing of sound as a creative building material.

Sound maps and noise maps enlist ubiquitous computing, powerful geographic information systems, new spatial media, and mobile devices to produce their cartographies. However, the ‘smartness’ of such projects does not mean they can bypass fundamental issues of theory and epistemology. Sound maps and noise maps engage publics in processes of citizen science and participatory art, giving rise to questions on the authority of maps, their authorship, and their critical and political purpose. By various methods, these mapping projects convey the audible as a key component of urban spatial experience. What remains less clear is how the maps assembled from such data might inform or, indeed, transform architectural and urban space.

This session will explore the politics of sound mapping and noise mapping in urban contexts. We invite papers that consider such pertinent issues as: sound and the smart city; sound mapping projects whose concerns range from acoustic ecology to urban sensorial history; the role of mapping in sound art, with particular attention to participatory and community-based art projects; recent innovations in noise mapping, including participatory noise mapping apps and automatic noise monitoring systems.


Call for Papers | Sonic Museum, Deadline April 30th, 2018

Museum professionals frequently invoke “multi-sensory” and “immersive,” to recognize the role of both concepts in translating museum knowledge and creating emotional, memorable experiences. This special issue of Curator will explore the contribution of sound to multi-sensory awareness. We seek manuscripts that consider how museums are experimenting with sonic experience to advance emotional responses, balancing stimulation and reflection, knowing and feeling.

Music and sound can contribute to museums in various ways: as a museum object, interpretation tool, visitor’s engagement device, architectural revelation, creative opportunity for artists, and as conceptual model. How is sound implicated in visitor’s understanding of themselves and their relationship to history and culture? How can sound affirm, comfort, and challenge? This Special Issue will welcome perspectives from designers, acousticians, technicians, policy makers, front-end delivery personnel, museum educators, and curatorial staff.

 The Curator | Sound Issue Submission Guidelines

Call for Proposals | Pecha Kucha, Deadline March 15th, 2018

We need you!!! Sound | Making | Space is looking for contributors for our amazing Pecha Kucha event on the 27th MARCH, 6-8pm, to be held at The Bartlett School of Architecture.

In keeping with the PK style, presentations should be 20 slides, shown for 20 seconds each (6’40”)

Key themes: Sound, Music, Space, Architecture, Time


Please email bartlettsound2017@gmail.com before 15th March with your 150 word pitch + an image!!!!

There will be quick turn around and all those who submit can expect to hear back from us by Monday 19th March.  If you would like to attend and contribute to the discussion but not present, please book a free ticket via eventbrite.  We recommend booking early as spaces are very limited.

Register on Eventbrite here.

Acoustic Cities Study Day, March 2nd, 2018

Study Day on Acoustic Cities at the Faculty of Music at the University of Oxford, on Friday 2 March, from 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM. This event is co-hosted by the research groups Recomposing the City, Urban Rhythms Network, and Theatrum Mundi. 

The Study Day will be devoted to exploring a wide variety of issues and practices related to urban sound: city symphonies, the politics of sound and noise mapping, intersections between sound art and urban design, and the challenges of acoustic planning, among other pertinent issues. It will bring together practitioners and theorists who work across such disciplines as music, architecture, film, and urban studies. Speakers will include Richard Sennett (author of The Craftsman and Practicing Culture), Ed Hughes and Lizzie Thynne (creators of Brighton: Symphony of a City), Katarzyna Krakowkiak (St Johns Sound Artist-in-Residence), among many others. The aim of the Study Day is not only to share recent work but to ignite conversations across the urban humanities—and to probe the possibilities of urban practice as it evolves in connection to sound and music.

The event is free and open to all.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/acoustic-cities-study-day-tickets-42691602733

Schedule: http://recomposingthecity.org/symposia/